Sale and Discount Policy

We want Coffee Outdoors customers to make thoughtful purchases with the trust that they are investing in quality gear at a fair price.

To help build this trust we have introduced a sales and discounts policy.
  • We will never do a store wide sale.
  • Products will not go on sale within the first two months of landing in store.
  • We will sale items that didn’t quite work for us and won’t be restocked.
  • We will occasionally sale items where we have limited sizes remaining available, but these may be restocked in an upcoming season.
  • We will sale items that are due to be updated with the latest model.
We are proud to offer a generous Loyalty Programme that rewards customers for supporting a local independent business. You get a $50 loyalty voucher for every $500 you spend in store and online ♥

We do not inflate our prices to account for future sales and we reject the retail discount culture.

Buy good things from nice people. It usually ends up cheaper in the long run and you'll have a way better time.