What the gel!!!?

What the gel!!!?
Through extensive research and advanced technology, Maurten has developed a range of sports fuels that optimise endurance and recovery so you can keep chugging on for longer. Their patented technology encapsulates high concentrations of carbohydrates in hydrogels, ensuring optimal absorption without causing digestive issues (IYKYK).

Not sure which to choose? Let us break it down…

Drink Mix
- The most hydrating way to take on carbohydrates.
- Great if you’ve got access to a bottle and water.
- No artificial colourings, preservatives or additives.
- Encapsulates carbohydrates through hydrogel.
- Drink Mix 160 - 40g of Carbs when mixed with 500ml of water. 160 calories.
- Drink Mix 320 - 80g of Carbs when mixed with 500ml of water. 320 calories.
- Drink Mix 320 Caf - 80g of Carbs with 100 milligrams of caffeine - (1.5 espresso shots). 320 calories.
- Mix contents with 500ml of water, if you add more water it will turn into an ordinary sports drink - and you didn’t turn to Maurten for that!

Gel 100
- The most convenient when you don’t want to carry a bottle and need a quick fix.
- 25g of carbohydrates.
- No artificial colourings, preservatives or additives.
- Nice and easy for the body and stomach to tolerate (not like the other brands hehe).
- Texture is like a jelly - an actual gel, not a syrup!
- Tastes like barley sugar.
- No need to take with water.
- 100 calories.

Gel 100 Caf 100
- Same as above but with 100mg of caffeine.
- Equivalent of 1.5 espresso shots.
- Maurten recommends you take on caffeine earlier in your activity while your heart rate is rising and it will stay in your system longer and produce a gradual peak so you don’t feel freaky.

Solid Bars
- Carbohydrates in food form (yum).
- 44g of carbs.
- 225 calories.
- No artificial colourings or flavourings.
- Gentle on the stomach.
- Solid is Natural Oat flavour.
- Solid C is Cacao flavour.
- Both are also brilliant with a cup of tea.
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