Tools for mindful athletes

Tools for mindful athletes
The Taoist concept of yin and yang lies at the heart of District Vision. Its principles maintain that all things exist as inseparable and contradictory opposites, fitting together seamlessly and working in perfect harmony. Where yang is power, yin is pause. In the case of District Vision, yang is the action of running and yin is the inner silence that occurs during a long run or in its mental preparation.
Inspired by their respective journeys into running and meditation, friends and founders Tom Daly and Max Vallot launched District Vision in 2015 to fill a gap in aesthetics and athletics.

District Vision first started out testing sports eyewear technology when the pair were both frustrated that the eyewear they saw in running, didn’t mirror the style or technology they coveted. Due to their demanding specifications, each pair of sunglasses is handmade in Japan. The result - a more aesthetically pleasing alternative to the cyborg style wraparounds that are super light and adjustable for a perfect fit so you hardly feel they're there.

The once Acne Studios and Saint Laurent-based pair now utilise their experience and expertise to create capsule running apparel collections with inspirational touches that echo the research and time they spent testing, refining and developing their eyewear. District Vision care about lasting quality and work with Italian and Japanese mills, sourcing the highest-grade recycled and Oeko-Tex fibres for all their garments.

Seams are reinforced, panelling is duplexed, and smart pocketing keeps you feeling free during your athletic pursuits so you can move mindfully.


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