The Experience of the Sublime

The Experience of the Sublime
A concept that has captivated philosophers, artists and explorers for centuries referring to an overwhelming experience that transcends ordinary understanding. Described as delightful horror and a sort of tranquillity tinged with terror. Philosophers call it Experience of the Sublime, Psychologists call it awe.

The feeling that arises when confronted with overwhelming vastness, obscurity and mystery. Mountains, storms, deserts, volcanoes, rivers, glacial valleys, oceans, sunsets and the starry sky. Sights that leave us breathless and filled with wonder. The power of nature and grandeur, making us feel small, insignificant and helping realign our perspective.

Exhilaration with an element of fear and connection to something greater than ourselves.

Sublime experiences are waiting for us.

Photography by Dion Andrews.
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