Satisfy is here.

Satisfy is here.
Satisfy was founded in Paris in 2015 by Brice Partouche.

Brice grew up in the French Alps, skateboarding, snowboarding and listening to punk rock. In 2014 he started running and quickly became obsessed, describing himself as addicted and possessed.

Satisfy is a brand that embodies our approach to running and adventure. Removed from the apps and watches that judge you on speed or mileage. Satisfy makes pieces for people who are running for enjoyment instead of just performance, an alternative running culture that compliments a rich and balanced non-running life.

Brice -
“I felt like, in my everyday life I apply aesthetic and design sensibility to the way I dress and present myself, so why should this change when I run? Why should I have to wear shitty stuff when I run? When I'm running, I'm the same person with the exact same passions for culture and love for great materials. So when I run, I should be and feel like I'm expressing who I am. I should support products and culture when I run in the same way I support products and culture in my non-running life.”

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

All Satisfy products are designed, prototyped and developed in Paris and ethically produced in Europe and in Japan from the world's most premium materials. They develop and trademark their own fabrics that are amongst the most technical existing today.

Inspiring a new generation of free thinking, self‑reliant, possessed runners who are unlocking the high.
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