One year of Coffee Outdoors.

One year of Coffee Outdoors.
Coffee Outdoors
The action of taking your morning ritual and enjoying it al fresco (done/consumed in the open air).

This time last year we pulled back the roller door for the first time. We’ve never owned a business before and honestly, we didn’t really know what we were doing but we had an idea, saw our little space down the laneway pop up on Trade Me and decided to give it a bash.

Coffee Outdoors had been ruminating in our brains since the first covid lockdown, when we realised that none of the outdoors gear that we use and love was available in New Zealand and that there was a gap for a space that was approachable and didn’t take itself too seriously. We wanted to offer products that balance function, form and durability so you can buy once and trust that you’ll use it heaps and love it forever.

The past year surpassed all of our expectations and we can’t remember what life was like before. You guys keep us busy (we thought we’d have time to read books at work lol) and now we even have a full time staff member Molly, who has helped us shape what the shop is like today.

We’re not sure what the future holds because we don’t have a plan but we’re certain it will be fun and full of puffer jackets. Thank you to our super special community for egging us on and to every single person that’s come to say hello after noticing us down the laneway, purchased something for their adventures, told a friend we exist, liked an Instagram post - it never goes unnoticed.

See you soon for a coffee,
Shev, Tom & Molly x
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