Everything you need to know about Norda Run

Everything you need to know about Norda Run
As lifelong endurance athletes with decades of combined shoe industry experience, the founders of Norda couldn't find a trail shoe that was tough enough, light enough or fast enough. So they created it. With over sixty years of combined footwear experience, hundreds of thousands of kilometres run and a steadfast commitment to the belief that the world doesn't need another trail running shoe - It needs a better one.

Designed in Canada for terrains just like New Zealand. From trail running to thru-hiking or just the most durable day-to-day footwear your feet have been inside. A trail shoe to outshine and outlast, so you can get more kilometres in.

The world’s first seamless, trail running shoe is constructed with a bio-based Dyneema upper - the strongest fibre on the planet that is 15 times stronger than steel for its weight and a carbon footprint that is 90% lower than generic HMPE fibre.

Both the midsole cushioning and the soleplate on the Norda 001 and 002 are Norda x Vibram exclusive. The midsole is made from Vibram SLE foam for cushioning that’s generously soft and strikingly responsive and the outsoles utilise Vibram’s Litebase and Megagrip technologies to cut weight and add traction. Most trail shoes on the market have parts of Vibram Megagrip glued in specific areas. In contrast Norda make the whole outsole out of Megagrip, avoiding potential sections falling off and helping maintain grip even when the shoes are worn.

Every individual has different expectations for their shoes. Nordas are put through rigorous lab testing and trail running before final production. As a general rule, shoes should last a year and should be replaced every 700km. That being said, many athletes are racking up over 1600km on their nordas and swear they still feel great. Nordas are virtually indestructible and thus can be used in any way your mind and heart desire, including road, walking or indoors.

Norda 001

The first model from Norda and a real workhorse for trails. The best choice for trail running, training, thru-hiking, walking, road and everyday.

Norda 001 specs:
Exceptionally wide, especially through the midfoot, giving you a lot of surface area to make contact with loose dirt and rocks.
Flexible Dyneema upper that conforms to your foot for a secure feel and fit.
Drop: 5.0mm
Stack: Heel 26mm/Forefoot 21mm
Women's size US 8 - 232 grams
Men's size US 8.5- 268 grams

Norda 001 G+:
The Norda 001 G+ features a graphene membrane delivers water repellency and thermal regulation, all whilst allowing your feet to breathe. Waterproof to 10,000mm. So you can be un-phased by the upcoming cold, dark, windy mornings and icy puddles on the trails. The Norda G+ is an essential to any trail runner’s winter toolkit.

Norda 002

The Norda 002 is the perfect option for something a little lighter, with increased feel of the ground underfoot and cushioned support around the heel - ideal for racing and smashing some PB’s. The 002 is an elite, hyper-responsive trail running shoe. It’s engineered for precision and speed on technical terrain. It’s grounding, yet it propels you at the same time. When compared to the 001, the 002 has a reduced stack height for better ground feel, adds padding and extra structure around the heel collar and synthetic mudguards and toe caps - resulting in improved hardiness, protection and comfort on the trail.

Norda 002 specs:
Exceptionally wide, especially through the midfoot, giving you a lot of surface area to make contact with loose dirt and rocks.
the custom Vibram SLE foam is built with a slight pyramidal geometry for increased stability and constant footing in technical environments.
The Dyneema utilisies a seamless construction and top layer that resembles ripstop, making it even more durable than before.
Drop: 4.0mm
Stack: Heel 19mm/Forefoot 15mm
5mm lugs
Women's size US 8 - 219 grams
Men's size US 8.5 - 249 grams

Always striving to break boundaries. Always pushing to find their breakthrough innovation. Never compromising on their commitment to ensure that performance and sustainability always run together.

They don’t stick around for long so if you don’t see your size, let us know. We would be happy to order it in for you. We also offer free returns on Norda when ordering online, you have peace of mind that you can choose the correct size.

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