Easy as 001, 002, 003.

Easy as 001, 002, 003.
Norda have created three different footwear models: the 001, 002 and 003. The simplicity in their naming convention is intended to reflect the essentialism embedded in each model’s DNA, not an evolution of the same product - they are all distinct from each other. When combined, they comprise a comprehensive toolbox designed for trail activity of all duration and speeds.

Whether you are trying to decide which of the three is best for you or want to understand how putting together the entire system can expand your outdoor potential, you are in the right place. We’re here to give you a brief guide through each model and potential use cases. Check out the product pages If you wish to take a deeper dive into the nitty-gritty technical aspects of each shoe.

The 001 is Norda’s “optimally-cushioned” ultra distance shoe. “Optimally-cushioned” means a stack height that is generous enough to reduce impact forces from very long days on feet without sacrificing the ground feel needed to not constantly roll your ankles or cause trepidation in veering off into unruly terrain. Basically, you can consider the 001 is your daily driver workhorse designed for terrain of all distances and difficulty.

The uniquely responsive ride of the 001 (and all of Norda’s models) is engineered through a unique midsole and insole combination. The midsoles are made with a custom and proprietary Vibram® SLE EVA composite, which has highly compressive, lightweight and durability properties. An added eTPU insole with high cushioning and rebound makes the ride even more responsive.

The sidewalls extend beyond the stack height, allowing the feet more ground feel and protection despite whatever heinous trails and unfathomable miles you put them through. A seamless Bio-Dyneema® upper snugly caresses the foot without any chance of blowing out, as this material is quite literally the strongest and lightest on Earth.

In essence, the 001 is designed to endure unlike any trail shoe ever has before. Everything from a multi-day shuffle through technical terrain to a 50 mile PR on well-groomed trails feel entirely within its wheelhouse. People have also been able to get through exceptionally long thru-hikes utilising just a single pair of 001.

Retaining their signature seamless Bio-Dyneema® upper and custom Vibram® midsole and soleplate from the 001, the 002 has a lower stack height for increased ground feel. This allows for the organic responsiveness of having your feet closer to the earth without sacrificing the confident protection and traction of advanced materials and engineering.

In contrast to the 001, the 002 midsole geometry is more pyramidal, increasing stability for navigating technical trails at high speeds. The toe cap is more rugged to protect from rocks and loose trail miscellanea, in anticipation of the types of terrain in which we suspect these will excel. The heel collar is padded for a more aggressive lockdown and fit, supporting confident movement in multiple planes.

The spirit of the 002 belongs to the mountains—trail tempos, skyraces, class 4 scrambling, quick and nimble vertical gain and loss. Anything requiring speed and agility and navigating technical terrain is where the 002 shines.

Approach shoes have historically been designed with climbers in mind, who often need to traverse rocky, highly technical terrain in order to reach their route. As such, the demands of this style of shoe require it to have more protection than a trail runner with a snugger fit. Norda have taken this DNA and added their own spin to it, allowing the 003 to still be runnable while capable in more approach-like settings.

This model is their laceless, radical interpretation of an approach shoe. Engineered to perform for high intensity output, scrambling, hiking and recovery.

They kept their signature seamless Bio-Dyneema® upper and custom Vibram® midsole and soleplate from the 001. Same stack, same neutral drop, same responsive cushiness. The stack is definitely a bit higher than a traditional approach shoe but doesn’t sacrifice the soul of one. The 003 does, however, have some important altered features from the 001 in order to give it its own distinctive on-foot identity and experience.

Many laceless shoes face the issue of losing their original fit over time, which for the kinds of terrain our approach shoe is envisioned to handle was something we knew had to be addressed. Thus, Norda developed their very own laceless material that infuses Bio-Dyneema® with an elasticized material, revolutionising the durability and unalterable fit of the 003. To add to the security of the fit, they created a heel collar (different from the 002) that allows the shoe to minimise debris-entry and maximise snugness without becoming too tight. Carabiner loops are added at the heel for easy attachment to packs.

Comfort, versatility, and protection. The 003 is a truly singular shoe that can handle technical approaches, hiking, running, recovery and anything in between — there is no wrong approach.

Each model on its own is versatile enough to handle a wide array of trail activity. You can quite literally run the gamut of terrain, conditions and speed in either the 001, 002 or 003 on their own. If you are a dedicated outdoors person, however, putting the entire footwear system together eliminates any barriers on where your imagination can take you. Norda utilises the lightest, fastest and strongest components in engineering each and every shoe so that you can confidently adventure without second-guessing durability or performance.
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