It's all about the fill power baby ☁️

It's all about the fill power baby ☁️
It’s getting cold out there so we thought it was the perfect excuse to tell you why we love our Montbell puffer jackets so much.

Montbell has been leading the way for down jackets and setting the industry standard for warmth-to-weight ratios since the mid 70’s when the brand was founded by a group of friends who bonded over their love of mountaineering and the philosophy of ‘ki-no-bi’, which translates to 'Function is Beauty’. With chilly temperatures around the corner, we wanted to break down fill power, so you can find the right jacket to keep you cosy on winter missions.

Fill power is the measure by which we can tangibly understand just how functional, and therefore, beautiful Montbell’s down jackets are. Fill power acts as a guide to the quality of down insulation. Down with a higher fill power is lighter and more compressible than lower fill power down. Meaning you can stay toasty without going heavy.

Fill power numbers refer to the volume in cubic inches that one ounce of down fills. The higher the fill power number, the more space the down occupies and the better it insulates. For example, a jacket with 800 fill power means that one ounce of down fills 800 cubic inches.

Montbell's 800 fill power down jackets are an incredible value, perfect for everyday wear and light enough to fit into a minimalist tramping setup.

The 1000 fill power jackets from Montbell use the world's lightest, premium quality down. They're as light as a feather and pack down to nothing, with a warmth to weight ratio that is unrivalled. If you are going ultralight these are the jackets for you! 

Montbell's ethically sourced down comes from waterfowl that live in regions with extreme seasonal temperatures. The down balls from these birds are much larger and able to hold more warm air, with less down. This translates to the impressive warmth-to-weight ratios synonymous to Montbell.
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