Don't restrict your vision.

Don't restrict your vision.
District Vision researches and develops tools for mindful athletes, creating products that are equally function-first and performance-enhancing. They believe in a holistic approach to athleticism and the idea that mental wellbeing is the foundation of every form of physical exercise.

District Vision's eyewear is known for its innovative design process that combines aesthetics with a focus on reducing eye strain while exercising. The brand has integrated meditation techniques into their design process, aiming to reduce eye strain and promote a clearer mindset for reaching a flow state during exercise. This is achieved through their lens technology, which targets specific muscle groups around the eyes, including the optic nerve, to protect and release tension.

The use of therapeutic-grade lenses, combined with features like shatterproof materials, water/oil repellent coatings, and hypoallergenic components, makes their eyewear not only functional but also durable and comfortable. The titanium core ensures strength while keeping the glasses super lightweight so it feels like you're wearing nothing at all.

District Vision’s first experiment was initiated in 2014 when they started testing sports eyewear technology with a group of downtown runners. Combining real-life feedback with Japanese engineering, the Keiichi running sunglass system was born – a proprietary solution for athletes, handmade in Japan.

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