Dan Durston, you bloody genius.

Dan Durston, you bloody genius.
Looking to advance tent design, Dan Durston has been able to identify and prioritise improvements from the outset, incorporating them into his foundational design principles. While he acknowledges the merit of existing shapes and designs, he also recognises their major shortcomings. The result of this philosophy is a tent that, compared to other ultralight tents, offers incredible advancements in liveability, headroom and usable space whilst reducing the overall footprint.

It is a design that is so simple that it is genius. It has been said that smart people simplify things, we think Dan Durston and his tents epitomise this.

Handling a X-Mid Pro, you quickly understand why there is so much hype around Durston. The truth is that when choosing gear, and with the obvious benefits of going lighter, there are always compromises. When using a Durston tent you immediately feel like you are in safe hands. It turns out the Canadian Rockies provide a pretty good testing ground for a person who has thought A LOT about tents to decide what compromises are worth that weight. 

We can’t discuss the X-Mid Pro without mentioning the build quality. At Coffee Outdoors we strive to make choosing the right gear easy, focusing on gear that outshines the rest when balancing functionality and impact. Build quality and materials are major considerations and this is an area where Durston doesn’t compromise. Using proprietary pre shrunken Dyneema® fabric, YKK® AquaGuard waterproof zippers and DAC® tent stakes, finished with reinforced stitching in all of the right places. It is only best in class for Durston and that’s why they are perfectly at home on our shelves.

When using a Durston thoughtful design and clever features reveal themselves as you become more familiar with the tent. In our opinion, this is the easiest 1kg you can save in your pack without compromising safety or comfort in tough New Zealand conditions. Highly waterproof (8,000mm) with hot bonded sealed seams, its geometry is ideal for challenging wind or unexpected snow.

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