Buzzy and Fuzzy

Buzzy and Fuzzy
Buzzy, fuzzy Polartec® Alpha® Direct is kind of unbelievable. Made to regulate comfort in changing conditions, its lofted fibres trap heat, whilst a solid mesh core allows for breathability - making for a VERY versatile layer. It’s incredibly ultralight, highly compressible and inherently hydrophobic so it resists moisture and dries super fast.

Originally developed for the US military as an insulated fill alternative, it has taken off in popularity with ultralight hikers as a standalone fleece replacement. By placing patented low density fibres between air permeable woven layers, Polartec® created a more efficient fabric for regulating warmth and transferring moisture. This advancement increases thermal adaptability in changing conditions and different phases of physical activity. Its technology eliminates the need for a backing fabric to create an enclosed fabric so despite its delicate appearance, it’s highly durable.

Alpha is hydrophobic, so it won't absorb moisture even if you start to sweat and it continuously releases excess body heat before it builds to cause saturation and discomfort so it's the perfect layer for fast moving activities. Wear with a light base layer on the move without overheating.

When worn underneath a shell, air trapped between the fibres heats up to keep you warm and toasty.
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