As quiet as a mouse.

As quiet as a mouse.
Klättermusen was founded in 1975 when Peter Askulv, a forestry student and avid climber, felt dissatisfied with the available equipment. So, with a group of friends, he set up a small workshop allowing them to craft their own thoughtfully tailored equipment capable of withstanding the rough terrain and weather in northern Sweden. By the 1980s, it had become a company employing a handful of machinists and makers, supplying technical, high-quality, and durable products directly to those in the know.

In many respects, Klättermusen has stayed true to its origins as a brand known to insiders. It's a company that doesn't boast, as reflected in its name, which means 'climbing mouse'. Mice are resilient creatures that often go unnoticed and have evolved to be one of the most successful mammals on earth, found on all kinds of adventures: from forest floors to mountain tops.

Guided by the motto ‘Maximum safety, minimum impact’, Klättermusen combines utility and durability with environmentally considerate designs and fabrics, supporting outdoor enthusiasts through unforgiving weather and unpredictable situations. Constructed from innovative, proprietary textiles that are incredibly versatile for any fast paced adventure.

Klättermusen fuses refined function with nods to classic climbing gear and timeless mountaineering necessity, making it an easy choice for outdoor enthusiasts and urban explorers alike.
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